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PEP is an outstanding portable multimedia player

The Mini Karaoke, as seen on television, is a portable karaoke program which lets you sing your heart out wherever and whenever you want.
The Mini Singer lets you enjoy your MP3s, videos, games, electronic books, radio and electronic albums.

It also functions as a portable hard drive and has TV-out and recording functions.
The Mini Singer’s MP3 karaoke function is optimally compatible with Mini Karaoke. It is also compatible with

MIDI files, which are smaller in comparison to MP3 files.
Its high compression rate and memory requirement of 10 to 50kbyte per song means that you can store up to 10,000 songs with only 100Mbyte.

Watch your favorite movies on your own TV.

You can connect the Mini Singer to your TV, vehicle navigator, projector or PMP through the AV terminals.

A PEP-type mini multimedia player with a 2.4-inch TFT LCD

An MP3 player with 3 types of built-in microphones

■ The detachable microphone provides excellent portability.

■ Compatible with video files, MP3 karaoke files, MIDI karaoke files, picture files, games and voice recording. When used for karaoke, lyrics are displayed on the LCD, sound is played through the stereo headphone, and the microphone is used for singing. You can hear your own singing and the music mixed through the echo sounding system.


■ Images can be downloaded through online servers. You can also use the composite TV-out function, play back movies or connect to the wireless dynamic microphone.

A portable mini player you can take anywhere 

■ The quality of the sound you hear is excellent even if you sing as quietly as whispering.
(The built-in microphone can also be used for singing)

Lyrics displayed on the built-in LCD

■ Lyrics are displayed on the TV screen in karaoke and mp3 modes. You can also view the lyrics in karaoke and MP3 modes on the LCD when there is no TV to connect to.


Convenient functions for advanced users

* Automatic firmware upgrade

■ HANA Electronics products are automatically upgraded when connected to the PC through the USB port.

※ Automatic firmware upgrade improves the product’s various settings and functions.

No additional device or drive is required.

* Free download mode
■ The free download mode is an innovative system that lets you download the songs you want easily.

■ The free download mode is highly economical as it does not download repeated songs like conventional karaoke machines.
(A PC with internet connection is required.)


1. Video playback/recording (movie player / DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
■ Composite video and audio files are digitally converted to mpeg4 files at 30 frames per second for playback. (Models: limited)
Watch your favorite movies on your own TV with family and friends.

2.MP3 karaoke
■ Plays back high-quality mp3 karaoke song files, the future of karaoke.
The automatic lyrics display function supports a database of over 200,000 songs so you can easily see the lyrics while singing or listening to music.

3.MIDI karaoke
■ All karaoke modes including key control (15 steps), echoing (5 types), tempo (15 steps), scoring (real time + total score), song reservation and playback setting (continue + repeat + random) are available.

4. MP3 playback
■ You can listen to the songs you transferred from your PC or use the duet function which makes your voice echo with the singing in the songs.

The Mini Singer lets you learn how to sing a particular song by hearing a comparison of an original MP3 song and the karaoke version.    (Mp3 files are not included.)

5. Games
■ You download many free games and play them on your TV.
(Games must be downloaded.)

6. Voice recording
■ The high-performance built-in microphone lets you record, lectures, meeting and language lessons.

7. Digital camera
■ There are landscape, portrait and sports photography modes. You can also download your favorite pictures from our official server.  (Models: limited)
(A PC with internet connection is required.)


8. E-book
■ No more heavy books! Use the convenient e-book!
Displays text files on the built-in LCD or a connected TV screen.
Save your books and documents as TXT files without any extra conversion for convenient viewing. You can use the book mark function to get back to where you left off easily.

9. Portable hard drive
Use the Mini Singer as a portable hard drive to transfer even large files quickly.

10. Still picture and background editing (electronic TV album)
■ You can use any picture as the background for the karaoke mode.
You can also download pictures from our official server.
(A PC with internet connection is required.)

11. Convenient multiple song selection
■ You can search and select multiple songs by the artist name, song title or song number.

12. Favorite setting (favorite song selection)
You can organize and save your favorite songs so you can listen and sing them whenever you want.

13. Video insertion (optional)
You can set DVD, VTR, VCD movies as well as the movies you filmed yourself as the background for karaoke mode.

14. Continuous 10-hour playback (AA battery x 2)
■ A revolutionary power-saving circuit is installed so you can enjoy a continuous 10-hour playback anytime and anywhere with only 2 AA batteries.


You can also enjoy a picture slide show while listening to your favorite music.

Microphone unit module

※ Use the supplied dynamic microphone.

How to connect the microphone module
Fit the upper part of the dynamic microphone on the groove and slide in.
The mini player or the dynamic microphone unit can be connected for usage.

How to disconnect the microphone module

Push down the PUSH button on either side of the middle of the microphone and pull down to disconnect.


■ How to insert the micro SD card


Pull the card terminal forward as shown in the picture and push in until a clicking noise is made.

Battery level display on the LCD

The remaining battery power is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the LCD.
The battery symbol blinking means that the battery is almost depleted. Change to a new battery or recharge if a rechargeable battery is used.

■ Speaker bag


You can carry the Mini Singer in the speaker bag to hear music on the move.

The speaker bag can also be used as a storage bag when the Mini Singer is not being used.

(Must be purchased additionally)


■ Wireless infrared ray remote control


Gives you convenient wireless control of the
Mini Singer

(Must be purchased additionally)



Micro SD card

You can use extra memory space with a
T-FLASH micro SD card.

(Must be purchased additionally)


Power-supply adaptor

Can be used for power-supply instead of batteries.

(Output power: DC5V / 800mA)


(Must be purchased additionally)


■ Car adaptor

Can be plugged into the cigarette lighter jack of a vehicle for power supply instead of batteries.

※ Car adaptors produced by other manufacturers can only be used if the rated voltage is correct.

Output power: DC5V / 800mA

(Must be purchased additionally)

■ Song list

Lets you select the songs you want and enjoy the Mini Singer more conveniently.


(Must be purchased additionally)








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