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JMC 700 Module



HARD SATA Karaoke (MIDI,MTV,MP3), Record, E-Book, Game
PMP, GPS, DTV, Camera, Control system, Industrial, Medical instruments, Home network, etc…





The JMC700 is a monolithic integrated circuit for karaoke


MIDI multimedia 1 chip processor.


The parts arrangement which considers the mass production and size miniaturization Module

3. CPU Module size miniaturizations (67x32mm) DDR 200 Pin
4. Extension the expanded function support which is various with Extension Connector provisions
5. With only Base Board amendments It can be re-uses Maine CPU Module when mass production
6. It provides function which advances an update with automatic the driver which is established in
system of the user.

7. JMC700 modules are composed of simple interface to be able to use the function easily.
8. Base Board circuit diagrams, Full provisions


                   MAIN CPU Module


1. Camera interface module

2. On-Chip Audio CODEC
3. Two MMC/SD/SDIO controllers
4. HARD Controller (SATA)
5. USB 1.1 Host interface
6. USB 2.0 Device interface
7. RTC (Real Time Clock)
8. NAND 8/12/16/24-bit MLC/TLC
9. IR / Remote control
10. LCD Controller
11. TV-out in NTSC or PAL, S-video


                                      Base Board


Proposal background  :
The developer can do the application part which is necessary composition and produces in Base boards only and the Maine CPU module parts used without any treatment, It can be produces the  various product group which is in short amount of time test and mass production possibility










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