Battery remaking (demobilization) system




Used battery can be demobilizes 80% of the new battery using only home electric without any physical and
chemical treatments for variable car battery and UPS battery, and battery voltage 2-12Volt electric current
dosages 200 Ah efficiency will be able to demobilizes a secondary cell.
Option for the above of battery voltage 2~12Volt electric current dosage 200Ah.

2. It’s adopted state-oh-the-art constant current pulse control method for the secondary cell ambient condition of Temperature and Humidity etc....  

It’s designed to control for using the digital controller and control for motion in order to be demobilized

4. It can be checked through LCD and FND monitor and cut the power when its abnormal operation.
5. It can be upgrade program automatically through website for PC Interface option.
6. It designed to possible increase demobilizer with parallel operation. (Option provision).


Field Application

Automobile, Golf car , Ffarm machine, Electromotive wheel chair, Heavy equipment, Vessel, Communication
equipment, Aircraft and military equipment wind power development, Solar storehouse power plant, UPS
(uninterruptible power supply).


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RS600L (High-end products) 7" TFT LCD(color)touch screen



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Entry-level products (Segment FND screen)


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Secondary Cells

In secondary cells this elecrochemical reaction is reversible and the original chemical compounds can be
reconstituted by the application of an electrical potential between the electrodes injecting energy into the cell.
Such cells can be discharged and recharged many times.

Rechargeable Battery Action (Much Simplified)


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